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There are more than a thousand companies worldwide but only a few brands were able to make themselves stand out and easy to remember. But why? What makes these businesses unique? What techniques did they use to ensure that they will be easily recognized?

For instance, Apple, with a bite out of it. Almost everyone, even a seven-year-old child, may recognize Steve Job’s company and logo easily. It’s simple yet so unique.

The truth is, many companies are busy with other things that they think “truly matters” that they forget about getting their brand known. Maybe they don’t see it as an important factor that affects their company’s growth directly but in reality, your branding plays a major role. If you’re guilty of this and you don’t want to end up at the back of the line, read these four expert tips on how to make people remember your brand.

1. Focus On One Product/Service At A Time

Let’s say your company has more than five products and of course, you want your market to know all about it. However, the more you push these in your potential clients, the less they are likely to remember what these are all about. So instead of exhausting yourself on marketing all your goods at the same time, determine what is that you want your company to be remembered for.

2. Your Logo Is More Than Just An Image

Some companies focus on the aesthetics of the logo, even contributing more than a dozen ideas, thus making it confusing. To create a meaningful logo, you should know that your brand’s mark is more than just an image rather, it’s a symbol of what your business is, what your vision and mission is about, and what emotion do you want your company to evoke. That being said, it should not be left on anyone but to an expert who knows how to integrate ideas, creativity, and your brand’s personality in one.

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3. Create A Unique Brand Personality

Determining the “unique selling proposition” has always been a part of all company meetings, especially when rebranding and this leads to answer like: “it’s one-of-a-kind”, “it’s the cheapest yet most effective”, and so on and so forth. But these words don’t really create the uniqueness of your brand nor the desire to be chosen first. If you want to create a unique brand personality that influences the decision of the buyer, find out what made you start this brand and how your product or service can be the solution to your market’s problem.

4. Connect With Your Market’s Emotion

When you want your brand to be remembered, one of the best ways to do this is to reach your target market’s emotion. You can start by telling the story of how you started or the struggles you’ve been through, etc. But reaching your customer’s emotion doesn’t always have to be sad. Having a sense of humor goes a long way and this will tickle your customer’s desire to be curious about your brand. Durex, for example, is one of the masters when creating humorous ads, which can be as simple as: “To all those who use our competitor’s products — Happy Father’s Day.”

Creating a brand is more than just the logo, the colors, and the fonts. It’s about projecting your personality, being the solution to your target market’s problems, and creating a product or service they can relate with.

And that’s how you will be remembered.

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