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This year, the SEO trend is focused on improving the user experience (UX) so if you have a fear of missing out, be sure to read this as we spill the latest SEO strategies that will help your website dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO Services 2019

Here at We Manage IT, we understand how important SEO is to every website when they want to become more visible on search engines. It’s one of the most important things that your business should consider when you want to outrank your competitor in Google. However, applying the usual SEO techniques is not enough. Sometimes, or all of the time rather, you have to check out the latest trends to ensure that you are not left behind.

SEO Trends 2019

Possibility To Understand Your Audience’s Intent Is High

Having a perfectly written content is important; however, you should put your attention in knowing your visitor’s preference. Do they like more text and fewer images or vice versa? Whatever it is, you have to find out to provide the best user experience. Thanks to Google’s latest technologies, you can now match the search query as precisely as possible. Therefore, you have to take advantage of this technology to create content that will answer your audience’s inquiry using the search engine rather than focus on finding the right keyword.

Considering Other Search Engines

Google may be the most popular search engine used; however, you should also think about Apple and Amazon, too. For instance, if you’re promoting an app, make sure that you can rank higher in Apple or Google Play Store. If you have a YouTube channel, your videos should rank on YouTube, too.

In line with this, you also have to optimize your website for other devices rather than a laptop or a desktop. Whether it’s a mobile, home assistant, or audio-only device, one of your goals should be about providing the best UX on all platforms.

Create High-Quality Content

It doesn’t matter how powerful your keywords are, if your content lacks quality and depth, your page might be buried deep in the search engines.

To support this statement, the general manager of Perficient Digital, Eric Enge, did a comparison of various websites. Those sites that provided exceptional content rank higher compared to those with sites with weaker content. Therefore, rather than just writing blog posts or article to keep your blog site or website alive, focus on producing content that has exceptional quality.

Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Although creating expertise, authority and trustworthiness have been crucial for the success of a website a long time ago, not all business owners, marketers, and bloggers have really put their attention on this. However, this year, you should not take these things for granted anymore.

This 2019, be sure to increase your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (also known as E.A.T.) to improve your page’s visibility. After all, your content cannot simply rank higher if you haven’t given authority on the niche yet.

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