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You may have a well-maintained Instagram or LinkedIn accounts but this will be for naught if your website is not up to par. Your website is still the most important element of your digital marketing strategy. Your website is the face of your business online, the place where people will get to know your products and services.

We see a lot of businesses take good care of their social media accounts but neglect their official websites. This is a big mistake. A well-maintained website conveys the legitimacy of a business and makes it look more professional. If you’ve been slacking off polishing your website, here are some of the signs that yours is in dire need of redesign.

It is not user-friendly

Most users don’t have the patience to go through a bad website. Imagine the number of potential customers you can lose because they simply got fed up navigating your website. You have to take care of that bounce rate. Make your website simple to use and pleasing to the eyes.

It looks old

Speaking of pleasing to the eyes, most users know a crappy and dated website when they see one. Old templates, Comic Sans font, hello? A neglected website can give the impression that your business may not be operating anymore or not getting a lot of customers. Presentation is everything and whether you like it or not, it will influence a customer’s decision to purchase or not.

It is not mobile-responsive

Most people spend their time browsing on their mobile devices. This is why it’s a MUST for businesses to make their websites mobile-responsive. Your customer should not have to enlarge each page just to read your text or going to the wrong page because your links are not updated.

Some even suggest that you should design your mobile site first before designing your desktop site. According to Stone Temple, “Instead of coding your desktop site and then writing style sheets to shrink it into a Smartphone form factor, consider instead designing your mobile site first. Then you can figure out how to leverage the larger screen real estate available on a desktop platform as a second step.”

It does not convey your branding

Branding is everything when it comes to business. If you have been operating for a while, there may be changes in your business model and clientele.Your website should reflect these
changes. A business looks more authentic and successful if the website is perfectly aligned with its branding.

It does not appear on Google

This is practically a death sentence for any business with a website. Google is like the Yellow Pages of yesteryears and if you’re not listed on it, people will not find you. Your website should have a design platform that conform to Google’s requirements and make it easier for the search engine to index. With the help of search engine optimization strategies, you will be able to appear on the first page of Google search rankings.

It’s time to improve the online presence of your business. Start with creating a website that entices customers to see what you have to offer. We Manage IT can help you redesign your existing website or make one for you, if you don’t have one yet. Send us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.