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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of organically improving a website’s online presence through increasing both brand exposure and the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Normally, an SEO agency in the Philippines often employs particular SEO tactics to ensure that client websites receive more organic traffic and rank higher in search engines like Google.

Some Search Engine Optimization tactics:

• Link building,
• On-site SEO services
• Keywords
• Website security
• Website speed
• Quality content
• Good overall user experience

You see, Google crawls a website’s contents to identify certain keywords, and does double-checks to ensure that the keywords identified match the website’s content. It then generates a rank that compares this website to others with similar content and/or keywords, and arranges its search results accordingly. The various metrics required to track a website’s SEO is often seen in the form of numbers and relevant data, and is not a simple count of how many times a keyword or two is repeated across a website’s text. Analyzing and optimizing these metrics prove often difficult for a single individual to process.

Businesses everywhere, including here in the Philippines, want a website that can connect them to their web clients. For this, you might need a professional website development company in the Philippines to broaden your reach. After all, every website deserves an excellent online presence to help their name get ahead of the competition on the web. A web development company in the Philippines can help bring clients organically to your page and help with your SEO.

If you’re looking for an SEO provider in the Philippines that can do all of the above, We Manage IT can help you out. As an IT solutions company based in the Philippines, we can help you with our SEO and web design services tailored fit to your website. We can cater to all parts of your online presence and help you reach your clients faster. You can read further to see how We Manage IT’s professional SEO services can help you.

1. Local SEO

Local SEO serves to benefit businesses that serve a specific geographical area, or just have a physical location to call its own. Google takes location proximity into account when ranking its results, as clients often do when selecting from their options.

With a localized SEO, you can attain a more targeted audience. Being present in their area means being present in their radar and when people search for your type of business, you are establishing yourself as the business they’re looking for.

We can help you focus your efforts toward a specific area that your services or products cater to, and help your website reach these nearby potential clients faster.

2. Link Building

As digital marketing in the Philippines for websites sometimes anchors around its online presence, it’s important to establish this presence by creating connections between websites.

Search engines often quantify this by ranking websites by how much other websites refer to it, and how good the quality of these referring websites actually are.

In using link building, we as an all-around web development company in the Philippines, can help your website establish a good number of connections with good websites as well.

3. On-Site and Technical SEO

On-site and technical SEO refers to optimizations done to make sure that both search engines and potential clients can easily access and understand your site’s content. No one likes being overloaded with information especially when it’s something that you can’t understand. Search engines scan websites for repetitive or outright duplicated content, and will rank these lower because of it.

We Manage IT can adjust aspects of your website, such as content layout and distribution across your internal links, to make sure that potential clients find it easy to read through your website, and to make sure that search engines can easily find the content that can help push your site higher through the rankings.

4. Keyword Research

We Manage IT employs the help of SEO experts in the Philippines to determine what keywords need to appear in your website based on what people actually look for and cross-check it with the competition to ensure that the keywords we’ll be using for your website are competitive ones. By looking into what people search for and how many people actually do so, we can give you a glimpse into what keywords need to be included in your website to increase its ranking in the SERP (search engine results page).

5. E-commerce SEO

Dedicated to providing superb quality service, as an SEO company in the Philippines, we can help gear websites towards potential customers that look for your products and/or services through our e-commerce SEO services.

We know that not all websites are informative websites. Online businesses are becoming rampant, and it’s harder to stay on top of the competition if you’re not integrating every SEO tactic possible to help your business.

We Manage IT can help online businesses appear on their potential customers’ radar and then adjust our metrics incrementally to further target their certain market or locality using:

• Relevant keywords
• Apt and vivid item descriptions
• Videos
• Targeted content that appeals to that specific demographic


With the wide swath of options available, it’ll be easy to look for an IT solutions company in the Philippines like We Manage IT that can provide a tactic or two that can be applied to your business.

What sets us apart? Our ability to get right down to your problem and tailor fit our solutions to your needs with our expert team of SEO professionals, backed up by years of experience combined. We believe in the importance of quality service and so it is within our core values to provide our clients with professional quality SEO services in the Philippines.

We Manage IT fine-tunes these services and brings your website to the forefront of search results, bringing your products and/or services closer to the people that need and want them.

With all these services combined and more, We Manage IT remains confident that your SEO—and your online presence—will only grow when you are with us.

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