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Research shows that the Philippines is among the top smartphone users in SouthEast Asia. A lot of Filipinos spend more and more time on their phones, and as a result, mobile application development has been extremely popular in the country. As creative as Filpinos are, app developers in the Philippines appear left and right, primarily due to increasing opportunities and education and more access to modern technology..

What are famous apps you need to install asap? Here are a few proudly made by Filipino developers: 


It is an age-old fact that Manila is one of the busiest and most traffic-congested cities in the world, making the daily commute a nightmare for most people. This gave a Filipina business executive to develop Angkas, a mobile transport platform that is easily accessible by any one at any time. Angkas utilizes motorcycles instead of standard vehicles to make the commute faster and more efficient, all the while ensuring that its drivers are carefully assessed for safety.

Angkas now also offers fast delivery services through its new feature, Angkas Padala, and plans to expand its capabilities even further considering that its becoming even more and more popular with Filipino commuters. And how could we forget–  Angkas has one of the most hilarious social media accounts in the country right now! is another Filipino-made mobile application that seeks to solve the growing traffic problem in the country. Instead of immediate transport services, this application provides suggestions on the best transit directions in Metro Manila all in one tap of the finger. Simply put your intended travel location, and the app will tell you the fastest and most efficient route to take. 

The search results are multimodal– meaning it will tell the user to take a combination of jeepneys, buses, shuttles, and even ferries to get to the location as soon as possible! If users have little battery left on their phone, they can save the routes and use the app offline. Magic!


Aide is the premier home care platform in the Philippines, since app users can book an appointment with a qualified medical professional within the comforts of their home. The app offers various services, such as consultation, laboratory testing, vaccination, and even physical therapy. With Aide, seeking medical help in the comforts of your own home is now possible.

Aide now also provides specialized services for its clients, including comprehensive diabetes and breast cancer examinations, and even acupuncture services. 

Barangay 143: Street League

Inspired by the Filipinos’ innate love for the game of basketball, Barangay 143: Street League is a popular gaming app purely developed in the Philippines. Players take on the role of Joaquin “Wax” Rivera, an amateur street baller trying to make it to the next level. 

The game’s engine is based primarily on a “shoot-out” mode, which pins the playable character against other streetball prospects. It also features other exciting mechanics, including character customization, multiplayer play, and real-time leaderboards. 

Pretty impressive for a Filipino a gaming app, right?