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Choosing the best name for your website is challenging; deciding whether you should have a custom design or use a template is another issue. After all, building a website for your business is crucial as this can help in the growth of your sales and brand awareness. It’s like your shop – only it is visible online.

The truth is – it all depends on the type of business you have or how long it’s been operating. Template and custom-made websites have their own advantages and disadvantages that every business owner should take note of.

Custom-Made Website


  1. Every company has its own branding that should be implemented at all times. Basically, it represents what kind of company you are and what people should expect from you. Creating your very own website out of scratch will allow you to incorporate your brand’s personality and you can adjust everything according to your business’ needs.
  2. In line with the statement above, you have full control of your website. You can personalize how it looks so you can stand out from your competitors’ websites.
  3. When you choose a custom-made website, you can test and tweak it to ensure that it will work properly on all browsers. Also, this will allow you to make it more search engine friendly, thus helping with the page’s visibility.
  4. If you want to upgrade your website, for instance, you want it to be more mobile-friendly, you can simply ask a web developer to do so. This is crucial as it will help you rank higher in Google searches.


  1. A custom-made website is more expensive than the one that uses templates. Unless you’re a web developer or you simply know how to do it, you will pay for the professional service provided.
  2. Creating a website from scratch takes more time, effort, and even patience.
  3. There are a lot of options to choose from, even if you’re not paying for anything. You can try different templates to find the best one according to your needs. Otherwise, you can pay a small amount to get more templates or add more features.

Template Website


  1. If you are on a budget, you can go to websites like Wix or Squarespace and look for free or cheaper templates online.
  2. Unlike a custom-website, the time used to develop your online page is shorter, thus it’s not time-consuming. Also, it doesn’t require knowledge on HTML, therefore, you might not need professional services.


     1.Unlike a customized website, you cannot simply customize your website easily. This means that your page may not work well on all devices, like a tablet or a mobile phone.
     2. You just can’t add more tools or design it according to your needs. It’s done for you and you have little to no control over it.
     3. There’s a chance that other websites might be using the very same template you are using on your website.

Your website represents your company, what type of products or services you offer, and the people behind it, thus it’s just worth investing your time and money on it. Would you rather focus on developing a new page from scratch or ask a web developer to take care of it while you put your attention on more important matters?

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