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What do you consider on a website? Is it just the aesthetics or the overall functionality. Admit it, there are a lot of sites that are extremely visually appealing; however, some of which have too many things going on that you can’t find the contact details, FAQs, or the Subscribe button easily.

If this is your website, did you know that you’re at risk of losing your clients and sales? Why? Because a good website is crucial for every business. So how do you effectively design a website? What are the most important factors that you need to keep in mind? How do you create a page that works for your audience?

Designing A Website That Works

According to HubSpot, the most important thing for a visitor is your website’s simplicity. Your audience does not go to your site to look at its design rather, to fulfill an action or find a particular product or content.

Implementing elements for the sake of aesthetics can be a good idea; however, if it’s too much, it might affect the user experience. Rather than completing whatever it is that the visitor needs to complete, they might end up wasting their time on something irrelevant.

To make it easier for your users to navigate your page, stick to a minimalist design and focus on functionality and purpose. Consider a few colors and typefaces that will express your company’s branding without being too overwhelming. When it comes to graphics, place them only when it’s necessary, such as when they need to do a specific task.

For instance, this Justine Wargnier – UI Designer website has placed a few graphics and icons below so visitors can check her projects and follow her social media accounts.

Considering this, minimalist design for your website restricts the activities that your audience can perform, and it’s a good thing. Why? As long as all the necessary elements are available in your page, the design will make it easier for users to navigate around and lead them to the action you want them to take, for instance, sign up for a newsletter, participate in a current promotion, or purchase a product or service.

In addition, minimalist design for your website also makes it easier for you to manage and update your page and/or make it mobile-responsive. Overall, it’s a win-win for you and your audience.

But this isn’t to say that you should only rely on a minimally-designed website rather on what your page can offer. After all, the content of your page is what leads your audience to you.

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