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Despite the presence of laptops and tablets, no one can deny the fact that having a desktop in a commercial establishment is important. Apart from being less expensive, it comes with more power and features that your business can take advantage of. However, you just cannot go out and buy any desktop you want without considering a few things first.

Below are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a new desktop for your office.


The most important factor of all – your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a desktop? Although most of us would have wanted nothing but the best, as decision-makers, you have to take note of what you can afford. Therefore, before storming the online stores for desktops, create a budget and be sure to stick to it.


Why do you need a new desktop? Are you going to use it for multimedia tasks or for basic admin duties? Do you even need a desktop to begin with or maybe you need something more portable, such as a laptop. Figure out your company’s purpose of buying a new computer and once you’re done with his, be sure to go back to the most important thing again, a.k.a. your budget, and see whether you need to adjust your budget or your intent to make ends meet.

In line with this, you need to consider the desktop’s processor, video cards, hard drive capacity, and it’s overall performance. Remember, you’re buying a desktop for business purposes, thus you need something that is heavy-duty and could stand the test of time.


For some businesses, it is important that every single thing that is added in their company aligns with their branding. For example, Company XXX’s branding is about lifestyle and sophistication, therefore they might go with brands like Apple or Company XYZ’s branding is more of simplicity and clarity, they might opt for HP instead. If you’re in between or you simply doesn’t care about specific brands, you can ask a professional advice instead to know which model suits your needs and requirements.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

If the desktop will perform several tasks at once, it’s best to consider a desktop with more Ram for smoother performance. However, if it will only do basic encoding, browsing the internet, and the like, a basic RAM setup may be sufficient.


Like RAM, it’s important to consider the PC’s processor as this affects the overall performance of the computer. If you are doing heavy graphic design, go with high-end processors but if you’re doing light tasks, choose the lower ones. However, a high-performing processor is more expensive compared to the lower option so it’s best to compare prices first. Bit, if money is not a problem, it’s best to go with expensive desktops as it gives better, if not the best performance.

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