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There is absolutely no denying that the world wide web is evolving more than ever. In this day and age, most businesses are thriving online– seeking to attract customers from all across the globe into buying their products and services. How do 21st century companies do this? Through websites. 

As useful as websites may be, they also eventually become outdated and obsolete, especially for more modern computers. This is primarily due to the fact that websites eventually slow down, lag, and shut down when not updated or re-designed by its owner. If you own a website and you see that it starts to become unresponsive, you might want to go back to your web designer and get that website makeover.

But really, how often should you redesign your websites? According to surveys conducted by the web design circle, companies redesign their websites every three years. Others say most companies do a redesign every six months– this is to address any issues arising from their current web system and to keep a fresh look to their customers.

Let’s look at these in detail just in time for your web development discussions in the Philippines.

Keeping your Website Fresh and Clean for your Clients

Keep Design Fresh_Web Design Philippines

A “stale” website is never good if you are a content blogger or an online business– it rarely attracts online traffic primarily due to the lack of system updates and the obsolete web interface. Companies that regularly do redesigns, however, often put into perspective the following things: (1) how their website looks, and (2) how the user experiences the website. 

These companies re-work every webpage on a constant basis to improve overall user experience and eventually attract customers! After all, great website reviews yield to better profit in the long run.

Updating your Website for Security Purposes

The web design community unanimously agrees that outdated websites are not secure, and as such, are constantly at risk of third-party hacking or phishing. 

When businesses redesign their websites, all security systems are upgraded and more safeguards are put in place to combat all hacking attempts. This is primarily beneficial for websites with multiple web pages, since risks are significantly greater  compared to smaller, one-page sites.

Now you know that a redesign is not only meant to enhance aesthetics, but also to enhance your website’s safety measures! 

Showing your Growth to the World

Website Growth_Web Development Philippines

A complete website overhaul will definitely show your company’s growth to the world, and you will thank your web designers/web design team for it. As soon as customers notice that the site has improved its user experience, along with its enhanced aesthetics and an even better website interface, they will realize that your company is indeed at the peak of its game.

No one likes websites that are unprofessional, untidy, and over all difficult to use– most customers will eventually close your website and focus their attention to other things if your website is a major turn off. Therefore, a complete system redesign may be needed as soon as possible to show that your business is booming more than ever.