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When you hear “website personalization”, what comes into your mind? Do you think it’s a futuristic innovation or something that’s happening right now?

If you’re confused, think about the last online shopping site you visited and the recommended products based on the last items you added on your cart. Do you think it’s just coincidence or a part of the so-called website personalization? How about the last page you visit that recognized you again or the online tech shop that offered you a new iOS device rather than an Android because that’s what you’re looking for the whole time?

Basically, website personalization is not all about knowing who the visitor is, what they like and dislike, and anything more personal rather, it’s providing the content that is either timely or relevant — or even both. It’s not a coincidence, it’s how most websites work today and if done right, website personalization can give your business more advantages than one.

Higher sales conversion, loyal clients, and new prospects — to name some.

But before you implement this advanced technology into your website, there are four factors that you need to consider first: strategic, resourcing, content, and data. There will be questions related to these elements and if the majority of your answers are yes, then you’re site is likely ready for this change.


Do you have a Privacy Policy for your business?

Have you clearly defined who your target market is?

Have you done any persona research?

Do you know how you can effectively communicate with your audience?


Do you have a specific team that will handle and implement your digital marketing effort?

Is your team consist of people with the right skillsets and expertise when it comes to offering website personalization solution?

Do you have a specific plan on how you can implement efficient on-site content?

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Do you have a solid content strategy that will deliver your message to all types of audiences you have?

Have you conducted marketing campaigns? Are you going to execute more campaigns in the future?

Do you have a complete inventory of your current content?

Aside from web content, do you have content development strategies for other channels such as email, lead generation assets, and social media?


Is your data “clean” and “updated”?

Do you have an idea about the data being gathered within your company (this can include member’s personal and financial information, email addresses, contact numbers, etc.)

It would be good if you answered yes to all questions but as mentioned above, if most of your answers are affirmative, then it’s a good indicator that your company is ready for the implementation of website personalization.

While website personalization can be used to leverage your business, it should only be handled the right people to implement the strategy properly and efficiently. If you’re looking for the best IT solutions company in the Philippines, we are here to help!

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