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Nowadays, almost everything is done online using a mobile device. Shopping, researching, and social networking — just to name some. Therefore, it would be neglectful for a business owner to take mobile optimization for granted. But what is mobile SEO anyway?

SEO Trends 2019:  Mobile Optimization

Business owners who manage a website may always talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you’re familiar with SEO, it’s easier to understand what mobile optimization is about. Basically, mobile SEO is about optimizing a website to give users a flawless experience when browsing your site. It gives the company a chance to stand out or outperform its competitor.

Mobile Optimization Factors

Internal Links

Relevant internal links are a crucial part of SEO for desktop versions; however, it’s not the same case with mobile SEO. Because of screen limitations, mobile pages have less than 75% of the links. Therefore, if you want to place internal links in your content and website, be sure to choose only the most relevant or important ones. In addition, it’s not advisable to put links that are too close together.


Unlike internal links, placing the necessary keywords to your content should not be limited. It is significant if you want your page to rank organically in SERPs. There’s nothing to worry about having an over-optimized website since there’s no such thing when it comes to content. However, be sure to place use a keyword in a sentence as natural as possible.

mobile optimization iphone

Word Count

When it comes to using a mobile device, long forms are not really pleasant to look at mainly because of the same issue — the limited screen size. Therefore, if you want to offer the best user experience, make sure that you are not using over 700 words but be sure to develop a well-written, bite-sized content that would spark interest to the viewer.


They say: “a picture paints a thousand words”, and this is true when creating a mobile-optimized website. Hi-resolution images can place a long-lasting impression to viewers; however, it can also be a deal breaker. When the size if the image is too big, it can affect the bandwidth negatively, making the page slower. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, lessen the size of the file and use about five or fewer photos.


If desktop users have expectations, it’s the same thing with mobile users. In fact, some website visitors are too impatient when it comes to speed, leaving or closing the tab automatically if it takes 3 or more seconds to load. But that’ll not be your only problem. If your website is too sluggish, ranking higher on the results page can be very difficult.


Accelerated mobile pages or AMP for short provides a faster, better user experience by including only the most crucial content in the website. Compared to the regular version, the loading time is 30x faster. In addition, an AMP-powered website has higher click-through rates compared to usual pages.

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