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If you think that the SEO techniques in the year 2000 are the same as the ones used this 2019, then think again? Change is the only thing that’s constant and because of the developments that took place a few years ago, such as the alteration in algorithm and mobile experience, there are a lot of things to consider.

However, taking all these developments into consideration can be overwhelming. So how would you know which factors should you focus on when you want to rank a higher spot in Google? Which strategies would work best according to your website?

The Best Google Ranking Factors

Prioritize Your Audience

When you create a website, who is the content for? Your visitors, right? Therefore, they should be your first priority when you want to boost your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking.

What do they want to read? How do they want to see it? What kind of content are they searching for? Ask yourself this kind of questions as this will help you understand your audience further. This way, you can optimize and curate your content appropriately.

Develop Mobile Experience

Nowadays, no one can deny the fact that most users are using their mobile devices even more than their laptop/desktop, thus it’s safe to say that a mobile responsive website is a must.

Designing a website that would enhance the mobile user’s experience is crucial and it’s more than just considering the website’s layout. This means creating a responsive design and pop-ups and implementing images that won’t impede the loading speed. Basically, anything that would make navigating on your website using a smartphone easier.

Improve Website’s Security

The security of your website doesn’t only affect your user’s decision but also your search engine’s. In 2018, Google has started labeling HTTP websites as “not secured” and what does this mean for your website?

In case your page isn’t on HTTPS yet, this might prevent your visitors from visiting your website and the time they spend on your content affects your ranking. The thing is, the more your audience engage on your website, the more the search engine will see your page as valuable.

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Do Not Underestimate Keyword Research

Some people might think that keyword research is a thing of the past; however, it’s still one of the most important factors when you want to rank your SERP.

Unknown to many, keywords play a huge role when it comes to how your competitors are generating traffic on their page. It also tells Google what your website and content is about, therefore, keyword research is still an important factor when ranking your site.

Implementing The Right Links

The quality of your backlinks is paramount to the ranking of your website as it tells the search engine how authoritative these pages are. Therefore, if you wish to improve your SEO, go back to your old content and implement the right links in it as it will help drive traffic to your page.

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