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Three Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website for 2020

Online marketing is expected to become more competitive in 2020. Therefore, to keep up, redesigning your business’s website is necessary. For this purpose, you can always count on the professional assistance of a well-rounded web development services Philippines. We Manage IT can build your website from the ground up or upgrade it. It can provide your business with modern enhancements that are directly in touch with your market’s evolving needs.

1. Mobile-responsiveness = Speedy access

Nowadays, people find it easier to access websites through their cell phones or tablets. It is expected that computers and laptops will never become obsolete. But given today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is apparent that mobile-responsive websites are now the norm.

Studies have shown that users who browse through cell phones account for 60% of the total web traffic. With new models boasting of innovative features being introduced periodically, this figure is bound to increase as well.

If you own an online business or a digital marketing company, you stand to benefit more from relying on the expertise of a highly experienced web design & development company. Its professional designers and programmers can design your website in a way that it can be accessed through any type of mobile phones instantly.

2. More accessible website features = Faster and more convenient browsing

Websites that are easy to access make use of special technologies. One good example is screen readers. This feature allows disabled people to acquire products, information, and services available to the general public. You can apply it or any other features that will boost your website’s accessibility through the assistance of a firm that provides professional website services.

However, given the number of companies offering such services nowadays, choosing the best one that can deliver results without breaking the bank can be challenging. At best, take the time to canvass. Aside from checking the background and portfolio of a firm, compare web design pricing & rates as well.

To up your advantage, invest in the quality services of a reputable web design company in the Philippines. The country is known to offer world-class digital design and management services at budget-friendly prices. Comprised of expert digital creatives and programmers, a web design Philippines firm can deliver exactly what you want for boosting your business’s advantages online. These usually come in the form of technologically advanced features attuned to your target market’s needs.

3. Secure websites with minimalist designs = More visually appealing and safe-to-use websites

A highly experienced web design and development company in the Philippines like We Manage IT is not only capable of equipping your website with innovative features. But it can also design it in an advantageous way.

When it comes to effective website designs, the “less is more” rule works best. This explains why minimalist-style designs are more preferable, not to mention more popular, these days. This style makes browsing easier and more enjoyable because it is easy to tell what your site offers at a glance.

Accordingly, an average person can only focus for 8 seconds at a time. So the more cluttered a website is, the higher the chances that browsers will lose interest quickly. Not only are excessive elements visually exhausting, but they also distract attention, making it harder for users to find, let alone focus on your website’s offerings.

But a clean, easy-to-navigate design is not the only factor that will capture and hold your market’s attention. Your website also has to be secure. At present, a green padlock icon is used to indicate that a website is secure. This ensures visitors that any transaction they make while accessing your website is safe, meaning none of their personal information will be leaked or used maliciously.