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Developers from around the world including those working in a website development company philippines agency consider Responsive Design as the norm. The principles behind it are focused on making website pages and their content accessible to all end users. Detailed below are two of the most prominent qualifications that distinguish it. 


  • It conforms to the page size of different devices. 


Pages are optimized for both small and big screens. Nowadays, pages are designed to conform to modern mobile phones. That is why, when browsing using your smartphone, your screen adjusts automatically whether you are using it horizontally or vertically. In employing the expertise of a web design services Philippines, expect that they will provide this exact same functionality for your website. 

The general rule applied is to optimize the screen for small gadgets and then enlarge to accommodate bigger devices, not the other way around. Prioritizing mobiles reduces the risk of experiencing hitches due to issues concerning the gadget’s inability to suit the requirements for desktops. 

Website & App Development companies, which include web design agency Philippines firms, perform the meticulous process of designing websites on a per-page basis. This process has been proven to be more effective in delivering expected results. Compared to just fitting the entire desktop website onto a small screen, this method ensures that all pages are covered. 

When it comes to making a design responsive, the developers use grid layouts to maximize the given screen real estate. Doing so allows them to take out columns, adjust the size of the elements, change the shape of images, and reduce the complexity of the navigation. Overall, their main focus is to ensure that the overall design resonates well with browsers. In the process, they also take the type of device used and present location into consideration. 


  • The images used are adaptable and it can download various type of content in a way that is most ideal for the end device. 


Upon relying on the proficiency of a web developer philippines agency, inquire about the Server Side Responsive approach, which usually uses adaptive design templates created for various types of devices. This method entails performing the required steps to making a design responsive on a server level, which involves acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the end device to enable developers to optimize the webpage accordingly. 

Another approach used is the Responsive Web Design. Advocates of this method think that for websites to best adapt to their environment, they should be capable of technically adjusting their systems on the end device’s browser. Hence, developers who prefer this approach always focuses on what would best serve the interest of end users. 

Unlike the Server Side Responsive approach, the Responsive Web Design is not dependent on server-side templates. This prevents it from being adversely impacted by either screen resolution or any previously undetected end device. Its structure focuses on three main principles: to provide a seamless grid layout, have adaptable images, and to be able to download a variety of content. 

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