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Managing your business’s day-to-day communications hinges on how reliable and advanced your phone system is. Even if your operational processes are properly synchronized and you have an excellent team of professionals working for you, if the system your office is using to communicate is flawed, expect troubles and delays to arise sooner or later. 

That is why acquiring VOIP solutions is widely considered a must, not just an option. With that, you have to ensure that you partner with a reliable VOIP provider like We Manage IT, a reputable VoIP Service Provider in the Philippines. Their team will take charge of putting up the whole system, so you can focus more on other more pressing business matters. 

To get a clearer picture, here are two indisputable reasons why VOIP does so much more for your business communications than a landline. 

  1. You and your team will be able to manage all types of incoming and outgoing phone calls more efficiently. 

Acquiring a VOIP Solutions Philippines lets you contact people using your mobile phone or computer or desk phone. There are no limits to the amount and frequency of calls made so long as you have good Internet connection.

Unlike landlines that limit business calls to your office, you can still make business calls and receive responses even if you are out of the office. It comes with softphone advantages that let you communicate through any devices including tablets and laptops. 

What is more it gives you more advantages such as voicemail to email and/or text messaging and the capacity to turn down unidentified callers. You can also have it integrated with other any or all of the following: CRM tools, sales software, and e-mail marketing software. 

Additionally, it has more outstanding features that make communication more effective. These go beyond the call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calls afforded by landlines. A Call Center VOIP or one that a VoIP Service Provider in the Philippines has tailored to your specific business’s needs can also provide these benefits. 

  1. VOIP is considerably more cost effective. 

When it comes to cost, you stand to save more with VOIP. It is 60% more affordable. However, this may vary based on specifications. At best, communicate with a representative of one of the SIP Phone Service Providers in Philippines. 

Landline installations have different plans available. Businesses, however, may be required to shoulder added costs depending on the number of units they require and/or the features they request to be added to them. Although they are generally reliable, have 100% uptime, and require little maintenance. VOIP, installed and managed by a VoIP Provider in the Philippines, gives you the same benefits plus other outstanding features. It is way better because it has the capacity to let you connect via various types of gadgets used in or out of the office, hence affording mobility and portability. 

Learn more about the advantages of installing VOIP for your business now! Get the details on acquiring reliable VoIP in Philippines for Business & Residential. Connect with We Manage IT. Email today!