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Successful businesses rely on up to date communication system that link the various department, offices and logistics of the enterprise to ensure smooth operations. The advent of the internet has allowed business to expand across continents and source supplies, operations and logistics half the world away from the mother office of the business. Traditional communication systems which are dependent on circuit switching has proven to be costly and problematic for most businesses. Reliance on office email communication was the only reliable way for the businesses to connect; as an alternative, companies have been switching to Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) to facilitate their communication needs.

What is VoIP?

Simply put, the VoIP is the transmission of voice and multi-media over the internet. With a dedicated computer or internet linked phone, speaker and microphone, a business can inter-link all its employees under one system; providing real time conversation with the people across the organizational structure. 

Benefits of VoIP

  • Minimizes Cost

Cost reduction is one the more obvious benefit of VoIP. Expenses related to building the communication infrastructure are removed as communication is now integrated with the internet connectivity. Aside from the installation costs, VoIP also help save on the cost of making international cost. This is important for businesses that have operations in other countries.

  • Easier to Install, Maintain and Configure

There is no need to engage a telephone company to install, configure and maintain the telephone system. VoIP is supported by various software that would allow for easy installation that could be done by one with limited knowledge. Configuring the system provides flexibility in the communication structure as it easily limits or expands the communication system depending on the business objectives.

The configuration also allows employees to keep their own numbers. In the course of the business, employees are often relocated, either just a simple transfer of office location or across distances. Ordinarily. This would mean assigning new phones and numbers; with VoIP, this is no longer the case as contact numbers stay with the original employees.

  • Scalability

Unlike the conventional communication system, it is easier to add and deduct inclusions in the system using VoIP. The accompanying software make changes easier and would not require physically putting in or removing telephone lines and other communication requirements. Gone are the days when employees have to share phone lines since the office have not predicted properly the number of lines it would need. This is important for a business that is still growing.

  • Call Features are Supported

Using VoIP would not mean giving up on other call features. Call hold, conferencing, and call transfer are also supported by VoIP. Even old call features like faxing can also be made through VoIP. This ensures that businesses are able to enjoy the full technological advantage VoIP offers while maintaining features that they have grown accustomed. 

  • Integration with the Business systems

Imagine if you will, talking with a client at the same time reviewing their history in your company or delivery updates. Since it is internet based, VoIP easily integrates with the other systems that the business is using. This enables employees to easily access and send the data they need while the communication is on-going. This enables real time problem solving and coordination among the various units of the business. 

One of VoIP’s important feature is that it can translate voice messages into text and submit it to the concerned employee as an email. This ensures that messages are received by the concerned party immediately and regardless of the circumstances that may have prevented them from receiving the call.

VoIP is an important tool that can support the needs of any growing and expanding business. It is time to take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the business potential.