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Web design in the Philippines has been getting attention recently due to its availability and low cost. Given the sheer number of companies to choose from for this purpose, the high level of competition brings with it rapid innovation and an ever-increasing level of quality of work. Of course, to no one’s surprise, this brings with it an ever-growing list of excellent reviews and milestone clients. Today we add another entry to the list as We Manage IT celebrates the successful website launch of World Baggage, Australia’s leading excess baggage company.

Utilizing our years of experience as a web development company in the Philippines, we provided our best efforts and our brightest minds, and coordinated with the minds from World Baggage to give their website the best look, feel, and function it can possibly have. As a premier web design company in the Philippines, our resources were pooled into a booking website development service for World Baggage, adding not only another entry into our long list of successful website launches, but also another point for showcasing the prowess of Filipino creativity, ingenuity, and technical genius among the highly-contested waters of this digital age.

We managed to help out in various ways towards this goal, some of which are given focus below.

Website Design

World Baggage needed to present itself in an accommodating manner, to give its customers all the information they need where they need it. We achieved this by giving the website a functional layout with a modern aesthetic. The dominant colors, clean font faces, and accompanying photos give a sense of not only personal comfort but also order and professionalism—qualities sought after by customers.

Website Content


Likewise, in visiting a website, users must easily find what they need. As a professional web development company in the Philippines, we provided concise and meaningful content in the form of paragraphs of content, relevant information, and contact details all over. A first time visitor will not feel lost, as they are greeted with a warm welcome and a summary of what they do best. In doing so, customers are easily informed of what makes World Baggage a compelling choice to save on their traveling costs.

API Integration

Of course, We are a web development company in the Philippines which means we work at the backend too; and with World Baggage being an excess baggage company, they required the best of the best. In giving the website its necessary backbone as a logistics company through application programming interface (API) integration, We gave them the best tools it can use to provide both function and support to both its customers and management. Any and all information transferred between customers and the website are shuttled seamlessly and are presented in a way that gives customers the best in both ease of access and purpose.

For years, We have been the best choice for clients looking for something more than just doing the work that they need. We go above and beyond in servicing our clients by listening to their voice and understanding what they stand for, creating a personalized experience that is unparalleled in our field. It is these qualities and more that led World Baggage to work with us.

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