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One of the growing industries in the Philippines is outsource web designing. Businesses who seek to maximize their growth and profit potentials have moved their marketing efforts to the internet; this enabled potential clients to deal directly with the businesses. In the year 1998, a web development company in the Philippines became a  growing need.

Impetus for the Growth of the Industry

While desktop computers were already used, most Philippine companies were unprepared to take advantage of the development of the internet in 1994.  IT professionals hired by companies at that time, were more adept in the care and maintenance of the hardware. The demand for web developers grew by 1997 as more and more companies were putting their presence on line. At the same time, a number of schools, foremost among them is the University of the Philippines, have begun adding to their curriculum web designing and graphics development. This gave rise to a new set of professionals trained in web development. 

Contracting outside web developers have become the preferred option for companies because it removes the burden of hiring full time employees. Likewise, engaging an outsource company provides access to professional web developers who have sharpened their skills through various other projects. These web development companies are often managed by people who are familiar with both marketing and information technology; skills crucial to developing online presence.

Value of Engaging Web Developers from the Philippines

It is always advisable to engage web developers from the same country. First, transactions are based on the Philippine currency. Removing the factor of the volatility of currency exchange rates, companies would be more comfortable in discussing service pricing.

Second, the local web developers would have a familiarity to the culture governing the local market. This would provide a more informed in the design choice, choice of graphics and the language used. If the design being targeted is for the international market, a local developer would also be able to make appropriate adjustments using the Filipino point of view.

Third, it is easier for post-sale services to be rendered. Any addition, correction or trouble shooting could easily be arranged to included in the contract negotiations. This would also allow for a faster reaction time to the demands of the company.

Fourth, his local engagement helps the local economy. Web development companies is a viable industry providing important jobs for the country. 

There are already a number of web development companies in the Philippines. A company which is ready to make its online presence will have no problem in contacting any of these groups. As technology continue to develop, it is already time to make that move.