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If your business has its own website, forgoing protection is, was, and will never be an option. Otherwise, the repercussions resulting from the absence of defense from online threats could seriously disable your operations. That’s why almost all businesses with an online presence seek assistance from Website & App Development firms. 

These companies specialize in offering a variety of solutions, one of which is securing websites from hackers and other malicious entities lurking in the web. Usually, companies from various industries around the world prefer agencies from website development company philippines. Their unquestionable expertise matched with affordable rates (considerably more affordable than those in Western countries) explains why they are widely renowned and favored. 

The type of cybersecurity they provide benefits all types of businesses. Hence, the expertise of web developer Philippines agencies like We Manage IT, a Web Design Company Philippines that also specializes in providing online security services, is invaluable to major business operations. But as an individual, there are small but foolproof ways that you can practice to keep hackers and other threats at bay. They are as follows: 


  • Make sure that your passwords are hard (or almost impossible) to decode. 


Passwords are at the front line of keeping every site you access safe from hackers. That is why creating strong unique passwords that have no less than 10 characters and without any complete words in it is imperative. At best, activate a two-factor authentication system. This entails typing your password twice before it can be verified. Once approved, you will receive a mobile phone message with a pin code for one-time log-in, which you have to use to be able to finally access the site. 


  • Keep your software updated on a regular basis. 


One of the major drawbacks of failing to update your software is the risk of a security breach. Using unsupported versions leaves you vulnerable to getting hacked. This applies to plugins as well. Make sure that you always acquire the supported versions. 


  • Secure your data by making backups all the time. 


As much as everyone would like to think that their site is secure, there is always a risk of encountering malicious entities or unexpected negative circumstances. Should your site fall victim to either one of these threats, your data will definitely be compromised. That is why, to ensure that your data stays protected no matter what, see to it that you perform regular backups. 


  • Acquire an SSL certificate. 


When your website has an SSL certificate, it protects your data by forwarding every piece of information entered in your site through a secured channel. This method prevents hackers from intercepting and stealing information. A web design services Philippines firm that also provides website protection employs this effective strategy, which is now a must-have tool for protection of all types of websites. 


  • Employ a reliable hosting service provider. 


Hosting providers keep website data secure by backing them up on remote servers. This is one of their mandatory practices. At best, make sure that you select a reliable and reputable provider. Your selected host will do their part in protecting your site from cyber attacks on their end. 

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional web design agency Philippines team that also provides online security solutions, especially a group that can accommodate your specifications without crashing your budget, look up We Manage IT. Email [email protected] today!