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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web design are two different things; however, most web developers do not realize that designing a website is not only about the visual of the page but also its accessibility. This is crucial as it affects the performance, traffic, and ranking of the site.

Therefore, balancing the SEO and web design is important not only for the visibility of the website but also for user experience purposes. A well-designed and optimized site, after all, will allow it to be displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs) while having an appealing design that stands out, all at the same time.

Unfortunately, finding a balance between SEO and web design is easier said than done. Normally, there are two different teams working on each aspect and unfortunately, it’s very rare for one team to compromise.

What Is The Main Goal?

The main goal when you want to create a balance between SEO and web design is to understand each element. SEO focuses on each page while web design deals with the entire site. If you’ve done SEO before, you’ll know that not all pages are created equal; some ranks well while others don’t rank at all.

Therefore, it’s important to understand first what the page is about before implementing any design and deciding to publish it. SEO-wise, every copy and content should have the right keywords so it would rank organically.

Meanwhile, when it comes to web design, it must have the right font size and color to make it visually appealing, the right clickable buttons and links so they can easily jump from one page to another, and a well-chosen color palette and other elements that would make the visitor stay on the site longer.

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Is It Too Much?

An over-optimized website does not exist. You can put as much content as you want. In fact, it can help your page rank organically. But an over-designed website is another issue.

While it’s difficult to assess if your page has too much design elements or not, you can easily figure out an over-designed site when you see one. You can experiment as much as you can to figure out what would work best for your website.

One of the best ways to design a website effectively is to put yourself as the customer. But then again, it will depend on the purpose of the page. For instance, it’s a landing page. Is it easy to navigate? Can you read the text easily? Is there a specific thing that you are looking for? If there is, figure it out and provide it accordingly.

Final Notes

Creating a balance between SEO and a web design can be tricky. If you put too much attention on SEO, you may not be able to provide the best user experience at all. Meanwhile, if you concentrate on web design, you may not be able to rank your site in the SERPs, thus it would be useless to have one.

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