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There is so much more to a good website, which you can acquire at an affordable cost by searching for reputable firms using the keyword web design agency philippines, than just being aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Its information should also be properly secured.

This means that no matter how many browsers go through its pages or how many times they do it, the content and all its details stay safe. They can go over the information countless times, yet there is no way that they can alter or delete it. But that is not the only advantage of having a secure website. Most importantly, it prevents hackers from stealing information.

That is why enlisting the expertise of a reputable IT Solutions Company in the Philippines like We Manage IT will benefit your business in more ways than one. Besides providing an optimal design that resonates perfectly with your brand, it also assures total information security. Such firms, which have a proven track record for delivering customized above-par results, design websites with SSL Certificates. As to why, this accreditation is highly important, read on.

  • An SSL Certificate assures that the Login, Personal and Financial information received and processed through your website is safe from online theft.
  • It encrypts data while preventing hackers from decrypting any data they can acquire. Therefore, your customers and browsers can look forward to transacting payments or communicating through your website without leaking any personal information.
  • It lets your website have a URL browser with your company’s name and/or country (abbreviated form) in it. SSL Certificates have variations. One of the most commonly used variants is their Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This lets you customize your URL browser to include your company’s name and even your country. If you want this type of certificate, purchasing it will require you to present documents. You will be submitting these, along with specific company information, to the certificate provider.
  • It lets browsers know that your website is legitimate and secure as indicated by a padlock icon or green bar. These signify that the website and all the information in it are highly secure and reputable. If you own an e-commerce website, getting your platform certified assures your customers that your business is trustworthy. As an added bonus, letting your customers know that your website is secure will help reduce abandoned-cart issues.
  • It automatically helps increase your rankings in Google searches. Five years ago, Google implemented an algorithm that favors websites with SSL Certificates. Last year, they further bolstered the importance of having this certification. Websites without it are easily detected because they flash a warning that “they are not secure” upon access. Needless to say, having such a warning on your website will drive away customers.
  • It is mandatory for websites that perform online payment transactions. This applies to all e-commerce websites or any other types of websites that require personal information, even those you find when looking for website developer philippines. Furthermore, to be able to receive and accept payments, your website has to be PCI(Payment Card Industry)-compliant. And you cannot qualify for the latter if your website is not SSL-certified.