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Having a great online presence is important for any types of business, and for those who relied on it
entirely, a dedicated server is crucial. That being said, the demand for a proper server is growing, and as
a result, several types of server have become available. While most websites depend on shared hosting as it is cheaper, it can become challenging in many ways.

Since the same server is being utilized and shared by different sites, several problems, such as limited
bandwidth and processing power, safety concerns, and little to no flexibility in customizing the server,
are expected.

Using a dedicated server, on the other hand, gives the client an exclusive access to their resources,
better security, and more. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a dedicated server for
your website:

  • Exclusive Access To The Server’s Resources
    Having a dedicated server means not worrying about other websites congesting the Ram, CPU, or
    bandwidth. Even during peak business hours, your website will perform smoothly and not slow down.
  • Better Security And Performance
    If your website is receiving small to medium traffic, you can still consider using a shared hosting;
    however, if it’s receiving larger traffic, a dedicated server is essential. Think of shared hosting as a
    neighborhood, they may see or influence your website in any way, and this is detrimental for your
    business. Meanwhile, a dedicated server provides maximum security, reliability, and stability.

  • Flexibility And Control
    Every website has its unique requirements, and a dedicated server will allow you to customize it
    according to your needs. Whether you need bigger disk space, RAM, or CPU, or specific software, a
    proper server can help you do all that. With shared hosting, on the other hand, you are limited only to
    the things they have loaded on their server. This means that you can encounter software that is useless
    for your website.


  • Own IP Address
    The best thing about a dedicated server is that it gives you a unique IP address, which, by the way, is
    important if your website makes use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for credit card options. Meanwhile,
    choosing a shared hosting for your business online can be risky as other websites’ activity can affect
    yours. For example, if the other websites you’re sharing with are of low quality and/or scams, your page
    rank will likely decrease, too.


  • Worth Your Money
    There are lots of benefits associated with a dedicated server and considering all of that, it means you
    will be paying a huge amount, depending on the type of the dedicated server. This is what usually drives
    businesses away from a dedicated server – the extra costs! However, if you look at it in the long run, it
    affects your business and its expenses positively. For example, you don’t need to worry about the cost
    of creating and maintaining server equipment, thus mitigating the overhead expenses for the server

Now that you know the importance of having a dedicated server, the next thing you should do is looking
for the right provider.
Here at We Manage IT, we value you and your business that’s why we have teamed up with the experts
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