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Falling between the ages of 18-34, millennials is fast becoming a new market segment in society. Described as the most tech savvy among all the generations, this segment is the most attune with the new trends and developments. Reaching out to this segment is very important given that they are the ones who would provide immediate feedback and could easily reach out to other millennials on their overall brand experience. Photos taken with a certain product, reviews of the experience engaging with a particular company or even simple emojis that capture their feelings towards a certain product are shared among their peers. Millennials are truly the new brand ambassadors of this generation.

Capturing their attention and support is very important for a business. These are some tips on how to design a company’s website in order to get the millennial’s attention.


Websites should be easily accessible for millennials. Since almost all millennials are on their phone, web designs should be adapted for mobile technology. Web designs should consider the time it would take to load on these devices as well take advantage of touch screen and swipe technologies that millennials are accustomed in using.

Accessibility also consider ensuring that the web design enables the viewer to access other social media for sharing purposes. Links to these social media sites should be immediately visible to the millennial.

Allows for Interaction

Millennials love interactions; it makes them feel that they are heard and that they matter to the company. The web design should allow for this need by making it immediately responsive to the millennials concerns. If the concern is pricing for the different product line, make sure that this can be made available together with product descriptions. Consideration should also be made that millennials can become distracted as they reply to their other social media concerns; as such, the design should be one that would allow the millennial to the page they just left.

Millennials are also not known for their patience. Links that would transfer them to several layers of corporate bureaucracy is something that they dislike. Tabs and buttons should satisfy the instant gratification need of the millennial. Videos that provide DIY instruction is much appreciated as it provides millennials immediate answers to their concerns. Functionality, ease and efficiency shall be the top concern in the design.

Interaction also calls for making yourself accessible to the millennial. Listing the company’s number is no longer enough. Provide an email address, social media links (Twitter, Facebook), Skype, and other means to make contact. This allows the millennial a variety of ways they can choose in order to connect with the company.

Provide Incentives

Millennials love a bargain for it makes them feel that they are getting their money’s worth. Provide discounts or coupons for every direct purchase made on the site, or shares that the website generate. Even simply providing badges for each share is incentive enough.

Paint a Narrative

Millennials love to read stories rather than just a spouting of information. To make the web designs relatable to millennials, it is important that a story is told. Include both texts and dynamic visuals that millennials could easily understand. However, care should be made that clutter is avoided. Keep the narrative simple and direct to the point to maintain their attention.

As technology continues to develop, millennials are a powerful segment the demands the attention of today’s business. Designing a website for them makes good business sense as they are the generation that has to be contented with in order to ensure the company’s future.