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Signing up for a Wix website and domain will not cost you a thing. However, the website you get is not equipped with Google Analytics. If you are not planning to monetize your blog or reach out to customers, a free website will serve your needs just fine. Otherwise, you will eventually realize that it is in your best interest to just hire a group of professional developers who specialize in Website & App Development

In fact, even if you only require a personal or non-profit website for now, having a dedicated web design agency Philippines team build it for you may be the best option. Here are three good reasons why: 

  1. Its features may not be cut out to help launch a thriving business online. 

Using a free platform when you are running an online business makes you come across as unprofessional. Either that or the services and/or products you offer are anything but high-quality. Remember: your website is the face of your business. If it fails to create a good impression on your target market, your chances of succeeding, let alone making huge profits, are disabled. 

So you decide to upgrade by choosing one of their plans. Regular packages range from $13 to $49 monthly. You also have the option to take advantage of their Enterprise plan for a whopping $500 a month. Most of these packages are usually promoted as all-in, meaning you hardly have to lift a finger to manage your site’s operations.

Wix will do everything for you. Sounds good, right? 

In theory, this is ideal. But if such promises were really to be trusted, why would top companies or successful start-ups invest in the services of a Website & App Development team instead? Before you take the plunge, take the time to mull over the details first. Compare Web Design Philippines Pricing, services and your advantages. 

  1. You would have to make do with Flash technology. 

Majority of the sites you find on Wix use Flash technology. Although not exactly useless, this  passé technology will definitely limit your online reach. Why? Most of the mobile phones and tablets people use nowadays do not show applications that run on Flash anymore. This may still work on desktops still. But given the fact that mobile phones and tablets have now become the norm, you are better off hiring a. website development company Philippines to build your business’s official online platform. 

During your discussion with the team, feel free to ask about the latest technologies that will effectively cater to a wide market range. Aside from providing top-notch web development services without breaking the bank, a web developer Philippines team can also implement a mobile maintenance plan on your behalf. Friendly, accommodating and professional, they are generally easy to work with and will accommodate all your queries with a smile. 

  1. It might not have all the features required to maximize the advantages of your website’s content. 

As many Wix users eventually found out, exporting data from their websites to a new platform is impossible. At first, especially if you are just starting out, the features on the website may be suitable. However, as your business grows, your site will require more features to keep up with your market’s needs, not to mention the competition. 

At this point, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what features you may want to use in the future. But given the platform’s limitations, chances are, you may end up checking out other platform providers…Or better yet, check out credible teams under website development company Philippines category. They can supply the features and services your expanding business needs. 

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional Web Design Company Philippines team, especially a group that can accommodate your specifications without crashing your budget, look up We Manage IT. Email today!