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Own a transport or logistics company, but want to give your website design a facelift? Do you have any freight forwarding website woes?

Nowadays, it is crucial that you get your message out to the world fast, and with conciseness. A website should not only tell your customer about yourself, but also make them feel welcome. This is all the more important for logistics companies; not only should you cater to multiple customers; you also have to bridge cultural and language barriers as well. All this makes web design services in the Philippines much more important. That is where We Manage IT can help you out as a web designer in the Philippines.

As a premier web design company in the Philippines, We Manage IT proudly showcases our experience as a website developer—and we are no stranger to freight forwarding websites. We can narrow the issue down to three reasons why your company should seek professional web design help to give your custom freight forwarding website a boost in reach, appeal, and accessibility.

1. Website design keeps your info neat and tidy.

In a field such as logistics, data points and relevant information are often kept in the form of written data: time tables, tonnages, and rates, among others. While in principle it would be beneficial to show just how much goods your company can shuttle in a given time, the amount of visual clutter it would produce would be detrimental to your website’s presence. It’s important, then, to present the facts in a digestible and creative manner. Web design services in the Philippines can help you by compressing these relevant bits of information and presenting them in more visually appealing ways, such as infographics or diagrams.

2. Website design allows websites to be easily navigable.

A website must of course remain user-friendly; there’s not much use in speeding up loading time only to take potential customers to a confusing website. This is all the more pertinent to logistics companies, an industry often unknown to most first-time clients. Professional web design allows your company to showcase its services in a manner that keeps site visitors attracted. Company profiles, logistics services summaries, and contact details will all be easily reachable from the landing page to allow visitors to easily convert between pages, and a well-designed website allows this.

3. Website design caters to what potential clients want to see.

In employing a web design company based in the Philippines such as We Manage IT, your website is given the chance to show its colors to clients that look for them. Local web design services know the market, local or otherwise, which in turn gives your website a functional design that highlights what clients want to see. All the unnecessary details are trimmed, leaving a concise layout that lets your logistics company shine through.

With all these things and more taken into account, your logistics company website will bloom under We Manage IT. We handle your website so your company can work at its best, and your client’s goods get to where it needs to be.

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Three areas where a web design company can help your logistics company:

  1. First impressions (web design, compatibility with all devices)
  2. Ease of access for customers (multiple languages (english/filipino), customer-first web layout)
  3. Company showcase and promotion (company’s services and reputation come first, company’s successes, client testimonials and referrals, targeted marketing, search engine optimization)