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Marketing a business online necessitates having social media pages, especially Facebook. But as indispensable as this platform is, it can never represent your enterprise as well and thoroughly as a website can. To understand why this is so—and how you can benefit from entrusting a Website & App Development to build the optimal website for your business, go over the two major reasons explained below. 

  1. Facebook always has a say in what goes on in your page. 

Like most people, you must think that only you have access to your Facebook profile page. After all, it is your account. You came up with the password—and you are not planning to share it with anyone any time soon. And you connected it to your personal email. So it is yours. 

Sorry to burst your bubble. Facebook is a social media page, not a topnotch business platform designed by a website development company Philippines. Like all social media channels, the administrators have direct access to all the accounts. That includes yours. If you posted or uploaded anything that violated their guidelines or does not sit well with them, they can take it down any time they please. They do not even have to ask your permission or notify you in advance.  

The same thing holds true if they think that your page is worthy of suspension. Now, you might protest, saying that it is your content that you uploaded, not theirs. No objections to that. It is indeed your content. But the page is still a Facebook page. So Facebook owns it, not you. 

What you can do about it: 

So the trick here is to avoid settling for a social media page. Without question, it is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use for reaching out to your customers. But it is not entirely under your control. Think of it this way: Everyone on Facebook is just borrowing the page. 

For a business, you need a website. It is your company’s face, your platform that showcases your offerings. You have full access and control over it. So only you or anyone you authorize to function as administrator can filter its contents. In hiring a professional web development group like those you can find under web developer Philippines, your preferences in design and features are prioritized. The team will see to it that your website is strategically designed and optimized to meet your expectations, hence projecting a strong online presence for your brand. 

  1. Maximizing your online advantages is impossible. 

A Facebook page can only do so much. No matter how cool or easy-to-operate its features are, it will not benefit your business in the same way a website, which can be creatively designed by web design services Philippines team, would. Primarily, it does not have any search engine marketing tools that you can use to expand your business’s reach—and with online marketing this is highly indispensable. Among these are Google Ads, PPC options and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

On top of that you have no control over the traffic. Whether you like it or not, you have to abide by the rules and guidelines of Facebook. If you are totally clueless, feel free to search online. You may also click on the links on the actual page. Once you have found it, learn the rules by heart. Then, keep in mind that if you do want to settle for just a Facebook page, their guidelines are as far as your marketing efforts can go. 

What you can do about it: 

Check out the advantages of setting up your own website with the help of website development company Philippines like We Manage IT. Your business stands to benefit much from their proficiency and experience in LOGO DESIGN & BRANDING. Work with them to create the best website that will effectively represent your business online. 

After you have already decided on the design and workings of your website, your next move is to connect with viable social media pages. At the helm of this niche is Facebook. Come to think of it: its limitations are set to define its purpose as a social media platform, not a website for your business. You can leverage your business’s connection with customers on Facebook. But your online presence can only be established through an optimally-built-and-designed website. 

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional web development company in Philippines, especially a group that can accommodate your specifications without crashing your budget, look up We Manage IT. Email today!